Natural Law 101

natural law philosophy 101Welcome To Natural Law Philosophy 101,

This is Part 1 of a Journey Through the Philosophy of Natural Law. Bookmark this page, grab a cup of butter coffee and get ready for what you’ve been missing.

You may have heard about natural law in your life… In modern terms as “the law of attraction”, “karma” or simply referred to as “cause and effect”…
While for the most part, natural law is clouded in mystery, it’s not surprising that most of the population is actively breaking the laws of nature every single day!

But, What are the karmic implications?

Never fear, there are still some real super heroes out there, sharing the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of natural law. So that we can tum back the tide of circle of life and live in accordance with the secret laws of nature.

By the time we’ve completed this journey, the answers to these questions will be obvious.

  • Who are we able to go to, to help us to understand natural law?
  • What is the real meaning of natural law?
  • Where in our lives is it useful to be aware of natural laws?
  • When must we consider our impact on the laws that govern nature?
  • Why is natural law not taught to everyone?
  • How do we apply working with natural law to our lives?

We will begin our journey into natural law with an introductory discussion between Richard Grove and Mark Passio and Art Capozzi regarding their collaboration for an education event to share the wisdom of natural law philosophy with family and friends.
Learning’s the Answer, What’s the Question?

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