Autodidact Child – Private Education – Infancy 0-3 months

Private Education develops the Autodidact Child

First things first, I believe that all children are naturally Autodidact Polymaths and that it is the work of the cultural status quo to standardize and dumb down a child’s natural curiosity.

This is sad to think that the natural genius living in every child has to face a world where the parents are for the most part missing-in-action chasing-a-dollar.

Autodidact ChildSad that they are unable to be physically present enough (in time and attention) to look after and impart enough life wisdom into their child, developing their own independence and critical thinking capabilities to adventure and explore their own inspired directions, learning and growing for themselves, by themselves.

Consider the concept of “Private Education”, is a process wherein the comfort and privacy of your own home, in a collaborative effort (play) with your child, you get to draw out higher levels of understanding and wisdom with your child or children.

I have been with my daughter for only 15 months, and during that time I have been able to impart considerable amounts of knowledge and understanding into her and we’re already seeing some serious wisdom bubbles rising to the surface as a result, oh.. what could be more joyful!
Tino Beth


How to raise an Autodidact Child?

The Journey begins the day they are born (ideally at home in a relaxing blissful birth in natural lighting, not a stressful hospital birth with an abundance of EMF and artificial lighting). Well, actually the journey begins long before that during the 9 month incubation period with the mum, but I digress.

First Step: Listening

The point I’m trying to get at is that as soon as you can, You must observe and listen to everything they are doing. At this stage 0-3 months, everything is a one-way communication. Baby is boss.

Using your five senses and most importantly your patience you’ll have to learn the level of your child’s ability to communicate. Ultimately this will test your ability to observe, identify and anticipate their needs. As a result, your bond will be so strong.

Understanding the “Poop’s, Burp’s, and Cry’s” of your autodidact child is a start, but the devil is in the details.

“I love this” said Oprah

Learn Baby Language ASAP.
It has been observed infants across cultures and linguistic groups make five distinct sounds, each with a meaning that are used by infants before the period of acquiring language to communicate. These are known as infantile vocal reflexes discovered by Priscilla Dunstan Baby Language.

Learn the five common sounds that Priscilla discovered and address your child’s needs as soon as possible, and by listening and learning about your unique child and meeting their needs first you’ll be on your way to an autodidact child before you know it.

Baby Language Cheat Code:

  1. “NEH” = Hunger aka “I’m hungry”.
  2. “OWH” = Sleepy aka “I’m Sleepy”.
  3. “HEH” = Discomfort aka “Change me”.
  4. “EAIR” = Lower Gas aka “I need to fart”.
  5. “EH” = Burp aka “I need to burp”.

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