3 Day Birthday

3 Day Birthday

3 Day Birthday

December 25th 2013, I was given a tid-bit of wisdom that i had to de-code, reverse engineer.
Using my understanding of the Trivium method, I was able to Return from Alice’s “Rabbit Hole” with a new tool in my belt.

The 3 Day Birthday Event as per the Trivium comprises of The Past, The Present, The Future. Equals the REAL New Years Resolution Period always available for the Individual (not for the corporations)

This gift was given by way of Christmas family celebrates, the Story goes as follows, a Traditional German Family Christmas as it was explained to me, takes the form of three days of feasting with fellow family members over Christmas, twas a big coming together of friends and family and lots of food. Bring out the Roast Duck, Suckling Pig and in general the Fat of the Land.

The ritual feast starts the day before Christmas day and continuing till the end of the day following Christmas day.

I found this very interesting, especially after having been exposed to the Trivium 3 years prior and  more recently, having concluded a substantial Heros Journey. I was able to make the connections between the trivium and the 3 day Christmas feast and the heros journey and the earth’s yearly revolution of the sun.

“This seems to fit, Yew!, anything to have a 3 day birthday. ;)”

But in all seriousness lets look at the general western birthday ‘party’. The all important ‘self’ has its day for selfishness to do what it wants, unequivocally.

Birthday Presents (Presences), are (and is) mandatory to the new age birthday.

Presents at the party and in the case of me, presents to the birthday boy = me, is the standard in how these concepts are introduced at a young age.
(Notice the false Self rearing its head?)

After comparing and contrasting a my own experiences over a couple decades of Birthdays and Christmas’s to what is in reality, Ive come to conclude that the reason for celebrating has been Lost.

More over these two events have become a way to distract the individual from the true and very real celebratory procedure. That acts like a Marker for the position in our solar-system of when we first embarked upon a great personal journey of discovery.

So whats there for us to celebrate when passing the threshold of the end of a year and beginning of a new year, the beginning of a new journey. This is the Real opportunity to make your individual new years resolutions and facilitating an annual life enhancement or period of updating oneself for the coming year ahead.

By the first day we Review (what did you learn, achieve, fail and grow from); the second day is for integration (celebrate what you enjoy, with those you enjoy it with) and on the third day designing the upgraded version of yourself (what can you change, do better, would you like to re-align the trajectory for your life?)

Christmas traditionally represents the passing of the summer/winter solstice. Marking the conclusion of one complete rotation of the Earth around the Sun. This is called a Year.

This relates to The Heros Journey, by recognizing that the earth as a planetary body has completed a rotation around the sun, the conscious inhabitants are able to take part in the celebrating with and on behalf of the Earth for it’s completion of it’s own Hero’s Journey called a ‘Year’.

So Christmas was traditionally a celebratory event held by individuals who were intimately connected and dependent upon the earth. Hence the festivities of old, reflected the 3 step method of the Trivium, taking shape in the recognition, appreciation and planning of the Past, Present and Future.

(Workshop: analyze how Christmas eve is currently spent and you’ll get insight into the state of the minds people are in).

Day One:

One day prior to the birthday (solstice)

– The past year is the focus of celebration. This was culturally a day of reflection over the year past; trials and tribulations, connections formed and lost, the point was that each individual and community was given the opportunity to reflect upon the past year, what worked and what didnt work for the individual and community. To reflect upon what earthly effects were witnessed. To show appreciation to the planetary body known as Earth for facilitating the opportunities for abundance.
Answering the Questions of Who, what, where and when of the earth, of ourselves and our interaction within the last year.

Day Two:

The day of the birthday (solstice) – The present moment is the focus of celebration.
This was traditionally a holy day where enthogens were ingested. So that one may meet with / be in the presents of ‘god’, to access divine knowledge and inspiration from the creator directly.
How have i changed since this time last year? (Important, that everyone had direct communion with the creator, and in so doing making it difficult for ‘middle men’ claiming to represent the creator from taking root.)
Answering the Question of Why? Why do what we do? why, what has happened, why has it happened the way it happened?

Day Three:

The day after the birthday (solstice) – First day of the new year. The future earth year
Answering the Question of How?
How to proceed into the new year, how to create consciously in communion with creation, how to become closer, more alined with the seasons ie. the earth, the focus is on how to become more in touch with the governing dynamics on earth, those dictated by natural law.

I hope that you may find the time to dedicate 3 days to your next birthday or summer/winter solstice.

Photo ref: Angela