The Trivium Method

Deals primarily with the abstraction of ‘words’.

Answers the Questions:
1. Who?, What?, Where?, When?
2. Why?
3. How?

Pertains to Mind- the elementary three that when used in the correct order (1, 2, 3) follows the natural process, outlining the effort of learning. Describing the same 1, 2, 3 sequence in three styles (A, B, C) to help you to grasp the versatility of the method.

Example [A]
Step 1 – General Grammar – 
(The total body of words, specific and general used within a subject matter. In Boating for example, I would learn the glossary of a comprehensive boating reference book or boating dictionary.)
Step 2 – Formal Logic – (The non-contradictory understanding of the boating lexicon and how the words describing the boat parts fit together.)
Step 3 – Classical Rhetoric – (The advancement of the boating industry through innovation and/or mastering the art of sailing and/or conversing with others about all things boating, hulls, engines, sails, weather)

Example [B]
Step 1 – Knowledge,
Step 2 – Understanding,
Step 3 – Wisdom,
Example [C]
Step 1 – Input,  The act of taking in all the raw data surrounding a specific subject.
Step 2 – Processing, An act of thinking, about the collected raw data building the tower of knowledge. 
Step 3 – Output, The use of the tower of knowledge in a general sense or advancing the subject through innovation.
These are three distinctly different but inter-related disciplines which yield, when applied as an integrated unit – – Truth.


Here is the method again used as a Truth Discovery Method.

  1. Discovering and arranging Knowledge (a body of knowledge) via the general grammar (descriptive words of a defined topic);
  2. Fully Understanding the connectivity of the Knowledge building blocks through non-contradictory identification; and
  3. Wisely expressing and using that Knowledge and Understanding under classical rhetoric,

Trivium Resources:

Trivium Education


Logical Fallacies – InfoGraphic

For an example of applying the trivium to the art of Sailing.

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